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With a whopping 900 million users around the globe, LinkedIn can be an efficient tool for most professionals and businesses that want to create brand awareness and drive sales. However, using it to grow your business is more complex than you think, considering the competition on the platform. From creating engaging content to enhancing your profile and leveraging keywords, let us highlight some steps to help business owners create a LinkedIn personal brand and grow their audience on LinkedIn.

How To Grow an Audience on LinkedIn

Growing Your Audience: What to Do

You can expand your reach on LinkedIn by following the guide below:

Reason like a marketer

When you reason like a marketer, you will grow your audience on LinkedIn significantly. What does it mean to reason like a marketer when it comes to using LinkedIn as a tool to expand your business reach? Every marketer must know their target audience. It also means creating the right content that appeals to your audience and leveraging tactics like using the right keywords and joining groups on the platform to help you attract and maintain a loyal customer base. Additionally, take the time to review your performance after an extended period and see if you might need to change strategy or maintain the same model you started with.

Learn how to use content writing

You can grow your audience on LinkedIn by effectively leveraging copywriting. When you craft compelling, informative, and engaging material, you will get the attention of prospects. You will also become an established thought leader on the platform. Preparing well-written content or product descriptions will also keep you above your competition and draw in new followers. Remember to make your language clear and straight to the point if you want it to appeal to your target audience. Your content should show that you deeply understand your audience. It should apply to them, thus helping you engage and convert more people.

Create something daily

Always having something to post on your LinkedIn page every day can help grow your LinkedIn personal brand. But it’s not just about making posts. It is more about knowing the right posts to make. It has to be something informative or engaging and consistent. It can range from sharing updates that will benefit prospects to thought-provoking blog posts that show your creative skills. Your overall goal should be offering value to your audience. The goal is to keep your existing audience engaged and coming back for more information. It also increases your visibility on the platform and gives you credibility by building trust in potential followers.

Your profile should be SEO optimized

When your profile is SEO optimized, it will help to create a solid audience and following on the platform. This can be achieved by adding the keywords relevant to the message you want to pass to your audience. These keywords should be in the summary and experience columns of your profile. Additionally, it should be in your headline section to easily boost visibility. Future clients will find you when you’re easy to find on the platform. An SEO-optimized profile boosts your credibility and tells potential followers about your skills. LinkedIn’s search engines will place your profile in the “Suggestion for You” columns, which ensures visibility.

Use the right profile headline

Your headline section on LinkedIn remains one of the paramount elements that will help grow your audience because it’s the first area that potential followers will see when they view your profile. Your headline must showcase your brand proposition. When like-minded people know how well your profile is crafted, they’ll follow you. Furthermore, having a well-crafted headline will invite customers to your profile. Additionally, write something descriptive and straight to the point on your headline that portrays your brand in simple words.

Ask prospects to connect

Another way to gather more followers on LinkedIn is by asking potential clients to connect with your page. Take the initiative and ask them to connect; do not wait to be asked constantly. Send personalized texts to industry leaders, potential clients, and other professionals in your invitations. These personalized messages must be respectful and reflect your dignity as a brand. Attending seminars and most industry events will also help to increase your reach on the platform. It will help if you explain your reasons for connecting with prospects and what you’re offering them. Doing it this way shows you’re genuinely interested in creating productive relationships.


You can improve your LinkedIn personal brand and followership when you follow the above guide. This guide is a strategic approach that must be done consistently if you truly want to yield results. You simply need to apply each strategy one at a time. Whatever you do, make sure you are always offering value to your potential clients and followers going as this is the only way to stay ahead of the competitors.

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